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I have been having these conversations and debates in my head for a long time. They started in a small way during the coalition years, grew during the Scottish referendum and then have been screaming in my head since the madness of Brexit, a Tory majority, the dual horrors of Trump and Johnson with an added pinch of a global pandemic just for good measure. …

So here we are again — the national closure of schools part 2, in an effort to stem the tide of Covid 19 which is currently circulating on steroids thanks to the new variant. One of the first things to pop up on my Facebook feed was a statement from the Clifton Hall School, a private school in Edinburgh. Here it is in all its glory:-

It has gathered a lot of support and its utterly infuriating as it fails to consider anything but the immediate issue of child education. However, before I address this, I want to flag what…


Humanity . Equality . Liberty . Progress — A new world now! Just someone who needs to make sense of the madness in our world.

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