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Where to start…

I have been having these conversations and debates in my head for a long time. They started in a small way during the coalition years, grew during the Scottish referendum and then have been screaming in my head since the madness of Brexit, a Tory majority, the dual horrors of Trump and Johnson with an added pinch of a global pandemic just for good measure. Therefore as we enter the second national lockdown and the start of 2021, I have decided to put down these raging debates and hope to find some hope in the world — that there are other sane people like me in this world and that we may just get through this all and have a better future in front of us.

While I remain anonymous due to a sensitive job and a desire not to expose my family to judgement on my political musings, I’m happy to make some up front disclosures. I’m a white CIS woman (which may already alienate most of you!), with 2 daughters and a husband. I live in Scotland and have done my whole life. I have never voted Tory or Labour. After Johnson got his majority I did join the SNP as I felt that was the nail in the coffin of there ever being a shared outlook on the future of this Island again. I did vote for independence in the first referendum. The reasons I did so were due to an overwhelming fear that England was heading to an ever more right wing place and we would be pulled there against our will, and unfortunately this has played out in an even worse way than I had feared. I previously voted Lib Dem but that stopped the minute they propped up the Tory government and pursued austerity while selling out students. I despise Brexit and the lies that delivered it.

So there is my potted political history. Hopefully you will appreciate I am no cyber-nat and I am happy to criticise the SNP when it is deserved. Now having given a bit of background/context I need to decide which current burning pile of crap I should choose as my first topic…..

Humanity . Equality . Liberty . Progress — A new world now! Just someone who needs to make sense of the madness in our world.